Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

2015 a new year full of great things!

Happy 2015 everyone! 

After a much needed vacation, I am back and full of energy! Which I will certainly need for what this year will bring. First the MATS Bootcamp, from Lila Rogers (click on image for more info), where I hope to get my creativity flowing for the next 5 months! 

Also, in March I will be sharing a table with other fantastic artists at Dutch Comiccon, where I will be showing the Curly & Tjido Comic. We have been also working on some cool collaborations, our website/facebook should be coming online soon. 

As for work, I am starting a project with Rubio Dutch Amsterdam and continuing with the children’s book for Stichting Benthe (I will dedicate a post on this later). Trix&Curl will also launch its website and we’re looking for local shops to test our products. In summary: a good start of the year! 

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