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Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

Webshop & Comic

New webshop and a printed comic!!! 

Thanks to the pressure of the Dutch Comic Convention, I decided to put together the digital comics of Curly & Tjido into one printed booklet! You have now idea how fantastic it is to have in your hands a printed version of your work! 

Since the official launch will be Comic Con, I still wanted to make a pre-order sell with fun giveaways (I'm not telling you what they are!) until the 28th of March! 

Through this I came across the great dilemma of setting up an online shop, which was much harder than I thought... but for now it works. Here are the instructions:

If you have a creditcard you can purchase the comic + freebies right away from the shop! 


If you live in the Netherlands and prefer to transfer the money mail aafke@curlysketches.nl or use the contact page to get the details! 



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