Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

Global Talent Search

Before the summer vacation I decided to take part of the Global Talent Search organised by Lila Rogers. I guess I wanted to try it out since I've taken 2 online courses and I wanted to see if the art licensing world is a path I'm good at (until now I feel I'm not at the level as other people).

The aim was to create a design for sneakers, for a specific demographic and there had to be at least one word in the design. Personally, even though I love hand lettering, I would never buy shoes with words on them... so that was a challenge ;)


I don't know how I came to the idea of flying fish. I was in Denmark and on a windy day kids were trying to fish with nets and cute small fishing poles, so maybe that was the spark. I also created a character, but for the girl we had to design for I felt it would be too cute. 

I had other icons such as stars, water drops and different water-colour backgrounds. But in the end it all felt too much. I went down to the basics and then the last day, a friend told me she had been in Paris and she had seen everything was now BLUE - like bold, navy blue (yeah I'm terrible at colour names). And this is how I ended up with my final piece which I think would look really good in real sneakers but due to its simplicity I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't make it to the next round. At least I am very happy with the entry and wish the best of luck to everyone who participated!



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