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Visual CV's!

Thanks to the giveaway in May I met Rosaria the woman behind Wow Now, a consultancy aimed at "improving customer service and happiness through needs identification, empathy and empowerment". This fun and energetic entrepreneur wanted something to make her presentations POP, and after being inspired by a TED-talk she decided that a Visual CV was what she needed!

A Visual CV shows within one image who you are professionally and personally and it's a great way to stand out. 

Brainstorming for a visual CV is also a great exercise to think about what exactly do you want your client to remember? What is actually important in your CV? How does your personality actually influence your services?

For Rosaria we decided to focus on Who is Rosaria? What is Wow Now? Why work with Wow Now? and How does Wow Now improve your customer service? From here the one-page story came out! My personal favourite is the story of Rosaria's journey to Wow Now! 

I want to show some work-in-progress shots and the final version. 


And Rosaria left a small testimonial:

Aafke is a really talented designer. She really took the time to understand my vision and what my business is about and brainstorming together we found an excellent way to make it all fit in one A4. I’m totally happy with her work and with her capability to work along with the client, fully listening to my needs, with a “make it happen” attitude and with great results!

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