Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

2016 a Monkey Year!

Happy Year Everyone! 

The beginning of the year is a great moment to look back at the challenges and achievements, as well as to look forward to new adventures!

I personally love to read the Chinese horoscope at this time of year - and a few websites later - I have learned that 2016 is the year of the Monkey. This means it will be year full of energy where everything can happen! BUT is you go too far with this bubbly energy you might crash. (Yeah, I also love the generic predictions of the horoscopes :P)


With this in mind I have written my resolutions and one of them as you can see is to update this blog with more frequency so I can share with you all the amazing projects I’m involved in!

I finished 2015 in a very positive note and through this post I wanted to show you just some of the cool things that happened:

Mr Red Panda Christmas Cards

This was a personal project that pushed me to finally open an Etsy shop as well as to be more active in local markets! I used the cards also as a way to promote myself, and while I gave them away I got new jobs, for example now I will be designing new cards for my local pet shop (after they printed 200 of my christmas cards with a personal note for their costumers) yay!

I had not done Christmas cards due to lack of time and planning, so this year I was proud to have gone through with the idea. Mr Red Panda is definitively a great character and I will use him in the future as well. 

Siku and Little Bear 

One of the biggest projects in 2015! A self-published children’s book by Patricia Fernandez (a Spanish writer and mom living in Haarlem). The story is about an Eskimo boy who finds a lost  baby polar bear, and they both go on an adventure to find the little bear’s mother. The book is available in Spanish and English and in the future there will be a Dutch version as well. Her Facebook Page is HERE :)


The illustrations were mostly done with traditional media, brush pens and Ecoline inks. Afterwards retouched digitally. I am excited to see the printed version! 


Petra Fisher's CV

I met Petra through the Locally Yours Network since she was looking for a swap of skills. Petra is an amazing Linked In Guru! Thanks to her my Linked In has been updated to what I do, the narrative flows and it looks more than decent! In exchange I made a visual CV for her and this was again a fantastic way to get to know Petra and I love how everyone has their own ideas of how their personal journey should look. 

To know more about Petra check her website HERE and see her about page and LinkedIn to see how this CV has enhanced her social media!

Pictoplasma Academy

This was just too amazing for words - I was admitted to the Pictioplasma Academy’s Summer school in September. The course was about character and story development, it was an intense 10 days course. I learned SO much and met so many incredible people, it was definitively the highlight of 2015. For some strange reason, after coming back I never posted many pictures of this event, maybe because it had such and impact its been hard to pin down how it has changed me. In may I will be going to Berlin for the Pictoplasma Conference and I will be part of the main exhibition together with my other classmates! You will see updates on this as well!

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