Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

What happened in September?

Hello dear reader!

I have been inspired by various artist that I follow on a way to keep my blog updated , at least for a post per month! ;)

I will be posting a "what happened in (insert month here)?" blog on a monthly basis so I can share with you what I've been doing lately. This is also great way to tell you about the work I do for companies, which due to privacy, I can't upload online. SO here's the first one! 

  1. The Summer! 

    Oh summer how I miss you! 2 fantastic weeks in the northern half of Portugal! From visiting Lisbon, to walking next to the fossilised footsteps of diplodocus (OMG!), hiking, getting lost hiking, camping and attending a wedding. I have to say it felt longer than two weeks! 

    There was also so much inspiration for drawing! I have found a new love for pencils. My sketchbook didn't get as full as in other trips, but I came back with energy to recreate some fantastic scenes. I hope to have these as prints soon! 
  2. Maggi

    Maggi was a fun team to work with! I first came in to help them visualise their ideas for new spice mixes, they had various teams brainstorming new concepts and I created the visuals live on the spot, so they could pitch it to the other teams. The A3 posters explained:  what problem does the customer have? How will Maggi fix that? How does this specific Maggi mix work? End result! 

    From there, the best ideas went to a panel of costumers. For the second round I worked mostly digitally to create new posters with the revised versions. I am very curious to see which ones make it to shops in the future!  
  3. Moonshot

    Another live drawing job, this time at TNT and with a team of 4 illustrators! We were assigned to different teams that had 1 hour to plan their pitch and we visualised their ideas on a huge paper that would be their background. Not only was it again fun to do, but working together with other fellow artists was great. 
  4. New Pictures

    Dave Pelham is a good friend who I met at a local network event. He is a fabulous photographer who did a series for Trixibelle and me a few years back. This time I wanted new head shots as well as just pictures for my about page and just.. in general! I have to say some are very funny but most make me feel very good about myself! 

So with this picture I finish this blog post and I'll see you soon! (Specially because today is the last day of October! ha)