Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

What happened in October?

Yes, November is almost ending... but we can still look back to October!!! A month of challenges, halloween and accomplishments! 


1. Just Like Any Other Day

That is the title of my newest Zine/comic book based on the everyday life of a teenage vampire. Inspired by the INKTOBER and Drawlloween Challenge, I had to make a drawing with ink for the whole month of October.

I decided to start with a character and develop its story each day based on the words from the Drawlloween list. It was great fun and frustrating as well, since during these challenges you do get to experiment but sometimes the lack of time just makes you (me) do something fast. In the end I was proud with not quitting and decided to print out a booklet! Soon to be on sale at the Etsy store!

And if you want to read a proper awesome comic about a Space Vampire (yeah!) check out Luna the Vampire! 


2. Artist Wake up Call

October was certainly a workshops month! During the summer I saw that one of my illustration/infographics heroes Sabine Wiseman was giving a 7 week course! And it was (still is) exactly what I needed. It has touched subject about my creative life that are very important, and as a coach Sabine is amazing! I couldn't meet her eyes during the first live workshop haha! 

For people in the Netherlands, highly recommend you to check out her work and her different workshops! More on the results of this course in the next blog post! 


Sven, one of my new clients needed some fun icons and a mascot to push his new dream forward! He is starting a summer volleybal camp in Portugal offering sport, beach and fun. This was the inspiration for the simple but yet clear icons. We also chose as a mascot the lucky Portuguese rooster! You will see more developments in the next blog post! 

4. MATS Children's Book Course

Workshops number 2! I have followed Lilla Rogers courses already, but this one just promised to be great and it was! 5 weeks of intense work on developing a portfolio for children's book illustrations. There was a story you had to keep using during the whole course and mine was The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. I really enjoyed the process, but not so much my results. I would like to go back to them and do them again, since one week per exercise felt like very little. 

5. Back to the roots. 

Some of you know I studied Environmental Resource Management here in Amsterdam at the VU. This month I was very excited to have been asked to make 4 illustrations to accompany scientific text! It's an EU project on water scarcity and floods in Europe, and it is divided in 4 segments. Each illustration explains what the researchers are looking at. It was definitively a new approach and I was more than glad to have contributed! 

Walking back into my old institute was very rewarding. Even after 3 years of having left with a certain guilty feeling I was very happy to have been able to overcome this personal challenge and tick off that "to-do" box! 

October ended on a good note and in a very busy way! November until now has been a certain rollercoaster, but more on that soon!