Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

Your Day with May!

I had been meaning to write this post for a few week already! I'm presenting again a fantastic person May Bletz, who is a Dutch language teacher! May has travelled and lived in many places around the world, so she know "what it means to be an expat" and can relate to what new people in the Netherlands want and/or need to learn.

May asked for a visual story to communicate the Dutch lessons she offers tailored to your needs, but also to show who she is, and how fun it is to have a day with May!  


We already had the sketch, but we needed to wait for the winter break to pass. And then, May got the fantastic news that she's now officially an NT2 Instructor!!! Congratulations May! 
For those who want to get in touch with her you can look at her website HERE and if you click on the about page you can see this image: 

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