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ZINE Workshop!

Hi Everyone! 

I'm excited to invite you to my first Zine Workshop being held at 020 Studio - I'm trying out their spaces which I found out about not so long ago. It's a fantastic area with allot of space and sunlight! 


So what what's the workshop about? 

In this workshop you will learn:

What is a zine? A zine is a self-publishing booklet. It can be about anything, recipes, a story or just fantastic images. 

How do yo make one? There are different ways and formats, but we will look at 2 which are easy to make at home as well. 

Make a draft Once you have chosen your theme you will make a plan about which image goes where. 

Make your own zine! Finally you will be able to make your final zine to take home or the printer to get copies and spread around!


How & Where

This Friday the 22nd of May
From 10am to 12pm
Costs: €12.-
Rietwijkerstraat 27, Amsterdam

Join us! 

Click on the button below to sign in! :D


Questions? Get in touch! 
aafke@curlysketches.nl or 0618949149

Can't come? Don't worry. there will be more to come! Keep an eye on the Facebook Page


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