Searching for Metstli (Part 1)

Hi everyone! 

Again one of my sporadic blog posts to talk to you about my latest personal project: the Searching for Metstli sculpture! I think I will split this story in 3 parts so you can look at all steps. 

It all started, as you might know, in September of 2015 as I attended the Pictoplasma Academy, where I developed my "owl kid" character to have a story of her own and a world. After those epic 10 days, we had 6 months to work on our piece for the final exhibition in May. 

Through the upcoming posts, I want to show you some of my work-in-progress and the story behind this colourful sculpture and my main character Pali! 

It all started with tons of research, a trip to Mexico to visit family and an urge to use my heritage in some way, as I have realised that it influences allot of what I do. So this image bowl is what I send and my master plan... 

I have been fascinated by "arboles de la vida" (tree of life) since I can remember! So many details and colours, its one of my favourite craft works from Mexico! But I had never really thought about how they actually make them... so that was part of my research as well as deciding which materials to use. I went for Super Sculpey, a polymer clay that doesn't dry until you bake (and I had previously worked with it during Pictoplasma). The base would be wood and the frame made out of wire. the traditional tree is made completely out of natural clay. 

I made a sketch of what it should look like and started making a"list" of how many elements I had to make (this list was such an underestimation!!!! hahaha). And then, well I slowly started working on some pieces and seeing what was realistic and what wasn't. 


Next time I will show you how the characters developed and when tragedy struck...