Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

Cacti & Tea

This year I entered again the Global Talent Search organised by Lilla Rogers. (You can click on the banner below to check out the website :) ) These challenges are always a true challenge for me since I feel as I have to do what others do and stick to the market, colours, trends etc... Which in a way you have to, but that tends to cloud my path. 

This year I took a new approach and wanted to show you a bit of the process and final piece. 

The Challenge

The aim was to design a cup, saucer and napkin for a fictional character called Sunny. Sunny has a pastry shop and wants to open a tea room - she likes fun interesting designs. The brief we got was pretty detailed and long. 


In my head I thought having cacti themed cups would be awesome, and of course this is a recurring theme right now in my drawings! Also I decided to add an armadillo, who is the same in Pali's world. And some extra icons to move around.

I did all the drawings with watercolours and some white pens to add the details. Wanted to add more texture. 

At first I thought about making a mock up on a real cup. But this is where in previous challenges I felt the design wasn't mine anymore, so this time I went for hand drawn elements. This was perfect! I also made a small character to make it more fun. 

Time for a spot of tea?

The challenge also included text. I went for a very British tea time quote given to me by a friend :) heres the final piece and also a zoom in to the cup and teapot (inspired by my grandma's tea pot I have at home!).

As you can see my original cacti & armadillo idea quickly became a more decorative part of the illustration and the scene and feeling became more important: having a fresh cup of tea with a scone! 

I personally love the color combinations and how the details worked out!