Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

Searching for Metstli (Part 3 of 3)

I've been dragging this story for a while, and what a best time to write it than one year after I took part in the amazing Pictoplasma Academy! 

In the previous posts I showed how all the little pieces were being made and the development of the characters, and this was all relatively easy ... the hard part would be to put everything together and finish it off. The big question was if the air-dry clay would hold on the wire and if the pieces would stick to it. There was only one chance to do this, and to be honest if this hadn't worked out I have no idea what I would have done ha! 


The tricky part of this process is that I had to trust there were enough pieces - since it all had to be stuck into the air dry clay within 24hrs. Also I had an idea of how it would look, but it was still a big improvisation and "going with the flow" thing in the end. 


And once it was all set, it was time to let it dry. When I saw it all set up in grey tones (except a few things I had painted to try colours) with the soft salmon, I actually really liked it! Made me re-think if I should paint it at all... And of course something had to go wrong. The next morning I found cracks - probably from adding too much water to the clay. This meant reparation time and definitively adding color! 

Painting all the details that were already stuck had its own tricks. But In the end it was great to  be at the final stages! And when it was all finished it was just the biggest achievement ever! BUT it still had to get to Berlin! Carefully packing everything and taking it home was the worst. Thankfully it made it in almost one piece.. just some minor details that broke - but were easily fixed! 

After intense weeks of work, sleeples nights and just talking to my dog.. I made it to Berlin. That week at the Pictoplasma festival was too full of emotions and experiences that I can't put into words. It was great to have such a diverse show, see completely different approaches to character development and to have professional feedback on my piece. 

For some reason I am still not sure how to continue with Pali's world. I think I've been stuck in the idea it has to be something grand and amazing. Prints, a book, a comic too many options and too much of a personal project to move carelessly around it. I hope I can find a way to close this chapter as it has defined so much of who I am as an illustrator and where my passions lie. 


To finish this ridiculously long blog post, I would like to thank everyone that was there during this amazing journey - special shout out to Matt who without I would have never applied to pictoplasma to start with and came to help at each crisis, Raul, Anna & Nathan my pictobuddies that are so far but yet so close and we pushed each other onwards till the end, the Pictoplasma team without this would have never been possible (Rilla thank you for your positive energy!), Ad who was a life saver with his mad welding and carpentry skills, Victoria for being there and having the guts to get that studio for us, Adam Szuly Photography who took the amazing shots of my work-in-progress and end piece (even when his back was killing him), Joost & Tjido my family and love. 

Yep that was cheesy as hell...