Everything starts with a sketch


Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

From grey to colours!

Today is the first Monday of February, and as such I would like to share with you some cool websites and finds I have made to make this grey month into a colourful one! 

Tip of the day! 

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium then you can't miss Sabine Wisman's Monday Motivation posts! They are the best! They really make me start my week with a smile and as a creative freelancer, many of these tips I feel are perfectly aimed at me. Her illustrative style is really fun and seems effortless. Take look at her blog, website and Instagram and be inspired every Monday or every day!

(Also her workshops are really good too! Can you see I'm a fan?) 

Image by Sabine Wisman 

Image by Sabine Wisman 

Daily Productivity 

By trying to improve my productivity I am trying different techniques, such as bullet journaling (this is also an excuse to purchase different sketchbooks and agendas).

Until now the Daily Plan Bar has been working pretty well for me! Here's a picture of how it looks like. If you want more information on the Bullet Journaling phenomenon check out the website by Ryder Carroll. I might come back to this subject in the future!  


Drawing Inspiration 

In order to get to know better Procreate (a drawing app on the iPad) I wanted to draw more digitally. To avoid the typical "I don't know what to draw" dilemma, I've been using the Sktchy App. This is an app where you can find reference pictures uploaded by anyone in the community, you draw them and post them for everyone to see. It's like a smaller version of Instagram but dedicated to creative people. It's been a great way to do warm up drawings and try all the different brushes! 

What do you use as inspiration for warm ups or to learn better a technique or software? 

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