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Through this blog I will give you some insights to my sketchbook and upcoming projects. 

The engaged Visual Story Teller.

Last week we talked about the Ninja Visual Story Teller, and today we will look at the active part of VST during live drawing sessions. Engaging a VST to your activity can be very rewarding as it introduces a new dimension and a new way of thinking for your group. VST will most probably not be familiar with the specifics of your company, which is a great asset and here is why: 

When creating a visual, the illustrator needs information of the proces, key words and aims to understand what is the core message you want to deliver. For most people, the proces of explaining to an outsider what this message is, tends to be certainly a challenge. You need to really think and verbalise a clear message. 

With this in mind, lets look at some roles that a VST could have at your workshop:


 VST are frequently asked to help teams within a company to visualise their ideas to share with the group, or for an exercise such as doing a pitch on a new idea. These activities tend to include time constraints, which in turn mean communication is key. 

When being part of these groups I try to keep everyone in the path of our main goal: to fill our canvas with the most important points of their idea. As the team looks at the drawings, these trigger new connections. This definitively leads to team building and a sense of purpose in the group. 


Skill Sharing

VST can be brought in also to break the routine and add a creative input to your workshops. By integrating a visual notes workshop you ask participants to relax, step out of their comfort zone and to take the time to learn and use a new set of skills. 

Many adult have not taken the liberty to doodle or draw since they were children. During the workshop they first get to draw basic shapes and are encouraged to work with subjects that they use daily. Afterwards they have a small exercise to visualise their CV or a short text. Againcreative parts of your brain are activated and for many this can also result in a relaxing experience. 

So what are the perks of these services?

In a way itis a repetition of the previous blog post, but with some added bonus: 

  • Drives participants to think outside the box.
  • Encourages team work. 
  • Encourages creativity and a moment to loosen up your mind. 
  • It adds a creative and fun dimension to your event. 
  • People can see their own contributions which in turn also boosts the collective morale.


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