What happened in October?

Yes, November is almost ending... but we can still look back to October!!! A month of challenges, halloween and accomplishments! 


1. Just Like Any Other Day

That is the title of my newest Zine/comic book based on the everyday life of a teenage vampire. Inspired by the INKTOBER and Drawlloween Challenge, I had to make a drawing with ink for the whole month of October.

I decided to start with a character and develop its story each day based on the words from the Drawlloween list. It was great fun and frustrating as well, since during these challenges you do get to experiment but sometimes the lack of time just makes you (me) do something fast. In the end I was proud with not quitting and decided to print out a booklet! Soon to be on sale at the Etsy store!

And if you want to read a proper awesome comic about a Space Vampire (yeah!) check out Luna the Vampire! 


2. Artist Wake up Call

October was certainly a workshops month! During the summer I saw that one of my illustration/infographics heroes Sabine Wiseman was giving a 7 week course! And it was (still is) exactly what I needed. It has touched subject about my creative life that are very important, and as a coach Sabine is amazing! I couldn't meet her eyes during the first live workshop haha! 

For people in the Netherlands, highly recommend you to check out her work and her different workshops! More on the results of this course in the next blog post! 


Sven, one of my new clients needed some fun icons and a mascot to push his new dream forward! He is starting a summer volleybal camp in Portugal offering sport, beach and fun. This was the inspiration for the simple but yet clear icons. We also chose as a mascot the lucky Portuguese rooster! You will see more developments in the next blog post! 

4. MATS Children's Book Course

Workshops number 2! I have followed Lilla Rogers courses already, but this one just promised to be great and it was! 5 weeks of intense work on developing a portfolio for children's book illustrations. There was a story you had to keep using during the whole course and mine was The Owl and the Pussycat by Edward Lear. I really enjoyed the process, but not so much my results. I would like to go back to them and do them again, since one week per exercise felt like very little. 

5. Back to the roots. 

Some of you know I studied Environmental Resource Management here in Amsterdam at the VU. This month I was very excited to have been asked to make 4 illustrations to accompany scientific text! It's an EU project on water scarcity and floods in Europe, and it is divided in 4 segments. Each illustration explains what the researchers are looking at. It was definitively a new approach and I was more than glad to have contributed! 

Walking back into my old institute was very rewarding. Even after 3 years of having left with a certain guilty feeling I was very happy to have been able to overcome this personal challenge and tick off that "to-do" box! 

October ended on a good note and in a very busy way! November until now has been a certain rollercoaster, but more on that soon! 


    What happened in September?

    Hello dear reader!

    I have been inspired by various artist that I follow on a way to keep my blog updated , at least for a post per month! ;)

    I will be posting a "what happened in (insert month here)?" blog on a monthly basis so I can share with you what I've been doing lately. This is also great way to tell you about the work I do for companies, which due to privacy, I can't upload online. SO here's the first one! 

    1. The Summer! 

      Oh summer how I miss you! 2 fantastic weeks in the northern half of Portugal! From visiting Lisbon, to walking next to the fossilised footsteps of diplodocus (OMG!), hiking, getting lost hiking, camping and attending a wedding. I have to say it felt longer than two weeks! 

      There was also so much inspiration for drawing! I have found a new love for pencils. My sketchbook didn't get as full as in other trips, but I came back with energy to recreate some fantastic scenes. I hope to have these as prints soon! 
    2. Maggi

      Maggi was a fun team to work with! I first came in to help them visualise their ideas for new spice mixes, they had various teams brainstorming new concepts and I created the visuals live on the spot, so they could pitch it to the other teams. The A3 posters explained:  what problem does the customer have? How will Maggi fix that? How does this specific Maggi mix work? End result! 

      From there, the best ideas went to a panel of costumers. For the second round I worked mostly digitally to create new posters with the revised versions. I am very curious to see which ones make it to shops in the future!  
    3. Moonshot

      Another live drawing job, this time at TNT and with a team of 4 illustrators! We were assigned to different teams that had 1 hour to plan their pitch and we visualised their ideas on a huge paper that would be their background. Not only was it again fun to do, but working together with other fellow artists was great. 
    4. New Pictures

      Dave Pelham is a good friend who I met at a local network event. He is a fabulous photographer who did a series for Trixibelle and me a few years back. This time I wanted new head shots as well as just pictures for my about page and just.. in general! I have to say some are very funny but most make me feel very good about myself! 

    So with this picture I finish this blog post and I'll see you soon! (Specially because today is the last day of October! ha)

    Yoga & Giant Bubbles

    I wanted to share with you some of the results from the giveaways from May! There are still other 3 but I don't want to overwhelm the post. 

    First off, one side of a small flyer made for Levensgeluk  - Janvi offers an arrange of services she wanted to convey in one page. She wanted a simple layout and the colours of her logo. I personally enjoyed drawing the yoga poses, specially the Parent-Child one!  


    Next is a colouring page for SuperbellenShop. Esther sells a full kit to make huge soap bubbles! Fantastic for any children's party or a nice summer day! Not only are they fun, she also works with charities and provides 10% of her gains to different projects. Also the main material of her bubble-making-kit is made in India by women rescued through Justice and Care . 

    This colouring page was meant to include these details as well as provide an extra activity for children's parties. You can download the page here and colour it! Can you spot Tjido?





    Facebook Giveaway

    A few weeks back I decided to do a giveaway on Facebook in order to work on new visual story telling techniques with small businesses. I posted the following invitation to participate at the Amsterdam Small Business Network. 

    The response was great! Within a few days I had more than 50 people interested and on the final date I had around 110 businesses and/or individuals! 

    Finally it was time to declare who the winners were and also to thank everyone who participated!  We are now setting up dates to meet up, and there are fantastic stories that I can't wait to work on! I will keep updates on the work in progress!

    giveaway winners

    Sir Hummus


    It's always nice to work for new clients, especially the ones that just started with their business! 

    Sir Hummus is a fantastic place to buy and enjoy real hummus. Not only did I love their hummus with meat, but it also reminded me of home in a very special way. 

    As we got to know each other, they asked me to help them decorate some of the walls that were still empty, and I of course said YES! 
    In this blog post I wanted to share with you the process, so I put some of the ink drawings together and pictures of the final work. 

    I first made some sketches of the ingredients, and from here the guys from Sir Hummus explained that making hummus was a fun process and very hectic, and they wanted to show this in the form of a tornado. 

    This is how we came up with the final design.

    You can see more in the pictures below or go and have some amazing hummus! ;) 



    Fruit, Vegetables and Styles.

    As some of you might know, my background is actually within the sustainability area, so it was no wonder I got excited when I found  a really nice blog on nutrition and offered my services to create an illustration for them. I know nutrition and sustainability don't seem to have much in common, but agriculture and our own eating habits have great impact on the environment. 

    The article that i'm illustrating talks about nutrition for healthy babies during the pregnancy period (I won't tell you all about it - you will get a post on that article when its up!). What I like the most about it, is the examples it gives you. Eat healthy fats - what are those and which are not healthy? Eat organic - ok, don't have much money to spend, then at least buy the following fruits and vegetables that use the highest amount of pesticides etc. 

    For each recommendation I'm making a small illustration. I wanted to share with you some of the steps I made to come up with the final drawing of one recommendation. 

    Moving from hand drawn sketches to digital images.

    Moving from hand drawn sketches to digital images.

    The blog preferred the lower drawings, but I enjoyed experimenting with the water-colour ones. They have a playful style I would like to try out more. Of course, they might also appeal more to a younger audience. The ink drawings are definitively the style I feel most comfortable with. 

     For now I will continue with this veggies & fruits adventure and leave you with a black and white Dirty Dozen that is until now my favourite!