Yoga & Giant Bubbles

I wanted to share with you some of the results from the giveaways from May! There are still other 3 but I don't want to overwhelm the post. 

First off, one side of a small flyer made for Levensgeluk  - Janvi offers an arrange of services she wanted to convey in one page. She wanted a simple layout and the colours of her logo. I personally enjoyed drawing the yoga poses, specially the Parent-Child one!  


Next is a colouring page for SuperbellenShop. Esther sells a full kit to make huge soap bubbles! Fantastic for any children's party or a nice summer day! Not only are they fun, she also works with charities and provides 10% of her gains to different projects. Also the main material of her bubble-making-kit is made in India by women rescued through Justice and Care . 

This colouring page was meant to include these details as well as provide an extra activity for children's parties. You can download the page here and colour it! Can you spot Tjido?





Facebook Giveaway

A few weeks back I decided to do a giveaway on Facebook in order to work on new visual story telling techniques with small businesses. I posted the following invitation to participate at the Amsterdam Small Business Network. 

The response was great! Within a few days I had more than 50 people interested and on the final date I had around 110 businesses and/or individuals! 

Finally it was time to declare who the winners were and also to thank everyone who participated!  We are now setting up dates to meet up, and there are fantastic stories that I can't wait to work on! I will keep updates on the work in progress!

giveaway winners