Facebook Giveaway

A few weeks back I decided to do a giveaway on Facebook in order to work on new visual story telling techniques with small businesses. I posted the following invitation to participate at the Amsterdam Small Business Network. 

The response was great! Within a few days I had more than 50 people interested and on the final date I had around 110 businesses and/or individuals! 

Finally it was time to declare who the winners were and also to thank everyone who participated!  We are now setting up dates to meet up, and there are fantastic stories that I can't wait to work on! I will keep updates on the work in progress!

giveaway winners

The 100 day project

On the 6th of April I started with The 100 Day Project  organised by Elle Luna. I decided to choose a specific theme so it wouldn't be random and I would also have to "work" a bit more to keep it up. I decided to go with 100 Daily Story Cards (follow the #100dailystorycard on instagram). So I'm using postcard size paper and drawing a story that catches my eye on that specific day. 

Today is day 15! But I wanted to share with you the first 8 days, and I will post the next 8 later this week. I hope that my visual story telling techniques get better through this journey and I'm looking forward to see the final product! 

Click on the image to see it in a bigger size!

The Open Draw

For those who live in Amsterdam, you should really get to know The Open Draw! A community of local artist who meet every 2 weeks on Monday's and once a week for a sketchy Sunday in the Pijp. The Open Draw also organises other events such as workshops and life drawing sessions.

Recently I was invited to help out with The Open Draw's organisation team, and therefore we thought it might be a good idea for me to give short presentation on what I do and how I came to where I'm at now.

I was a bit nervous, since its somehow a very personal journey, but everyone attending was super nice and supportive. It was also very nice to look back at the journey that has been anything but linear. At the end of the presentation I gave a little inspiration/challenge: pictures of Tjido! Yay! 

Many people did their own impression of Tjido and I was allowed to take them home to scan them. Thanks guys! 



Sir Hummus


It's always nice to work for new clients, especially the ones that just started with their business! 

Sir Hummus is a fantastic place to buy and enjoy real hummus. Not only did I love their hummus with meat, but it also reminded me of home in a very special way. 

As we got to know each other, they asked me to help them decorate some of the walls that were still empty, and I of course said YES! 
In this blog post I wanted to share with you the process, so I put some of the ink drawings together and pictures of the final work. 

I first made some sketches of the ingredients, and from here the guys from Sir Hummus explained that making hummus was a fun process and very hectic, and they wanted to show this in the form of a tornado. 

This is how we came up with the final design.

You can see more in the pictures below or go and have some amazing hummus! ;) 



Fruit, Vegetables and Styles.

As some of you might know, my background is actually within the sustainability area, so it was no wonder I got excited when I found  a really nice blog on nutrition and offered my services to create an illustration for them. I know nutrition and sustainability don't seem to have much in common, but agriculture and our own eating habits have great impact on the environment. 

The article that i'm illustrating talks about nutrition for healthy babies during the pregnancy period (I won't tell you all about it - you will get a post on that article when its up!). What I like the most about it, is the examples it gives you. Eat healthy fats - what are those and which are not healthy? Eat organic - ok, don't have much money to spend, then at least buy the following fruits and vegetables that use the highest amount of pesticides etc. 

For each recommendation I'm making a small illustration. I wanted to share with you some of the steps I made to come up with the final drawing of one recommendation. 

Moving from hand drawn sketches to digital images.

Moving from hand drawn sketches to digital images.

The blog preferred the lower drawings, but I enjoyed experimenting with the water-colour ones. They have a playful style I would like to try out more. Of course, they might also appeal more to a younger audience. The ink drawings are definitively the style I feel most comfortable with. 

 For now I will continue with this veggies & fruits adventure and leave you with a black and white Dirty Dozen that is until now my favourite! 


Webshop & Comic

New webshop and a printed comic!!! 

Thanks to the pressure of the Dutch Comic Convention, I decided to put together the digital comics of Curly & Tjido into one printed booklet! You have now idea how fantastic it is to have in your hands a printed version of your work! 

Since the official launch will be Comic Con, I still wanted to make a pre-order sell with fun giveaways (I'm not telling you what they are!) until the 28th of March! 

Through this I came across the great dilemma of setting up an online shop, which was much harder than I thought... but for now it works. Here are the instructions:

If you have a creditcard you can purchase the comic + freebies right away from the shop! 


If you live in the Netherlands and prefer to transfer the money mail aafke@curlysketches.nl or use the contact page to get the details! 



2015 a new year full of great things!

Happy 2015 everyone! 

After a much needed vacation, I am back and full of energy! Which I will certainly need for what this year will bring. First the MATS Bootcamp, from Lila Rogers (click on image for more info), where I hope to get my creativity flowing for the next 5 months! 

Also, in March I will be sharing a table with other fantastic artists at Dutch Comiccon, where I will be showing the Curly & Tjido Comic. We have been also working on some cool collaborations, our website/facebook should be coming online soon. 

As for work, I am starting a project with Rubio Dutch Amsterdam and continuing with the children’s book for Stichting Benthe (I will dedicate a post on this later). Trix&Curl will also launch its website and we’re looking for local shops to test our products. In summary: a good start of the year!