For example: Visual CV's

Visual CV made for LinkedIn Specialist. 

We normally think of CV's as a very structured part of our professional life. They're necessary to show who we are to possible clients or future employers. But in a website, social media or within a presentation, this information will probably get lost. 

A Visual CV shows within one image who you are professionally and personally and it's a great way to stand out!




Window Art

By adding simple decorations onto your windows you can spark the interest of potential costumers. 
Drawings can show what you offer or a specific theme you are currently working on. Also for special occasions or to call attention to some exciting news this is a great way to do it without compromising the view of your shop! 

I work with chalk markers which are water-based and easy to clean. 

Wall Art

Art on walls can be a great way to decorate or create an atmosphere. 
or wall art I use acrylic paints which are easy to manipulate and non-toxic. 

Wall art made for Sir Hummus Amsterdam

Wall art made for Sir Hummus Amsterdam