Visual CV's

We normally think of CV's as a very structured part of our professional life. They're necessary to show who we are to possible clients or future employers.
But in a website, social media or within a presentation, this information can get lost. 

A Visual CV shows within one image who you are professionally and personally and it's a great way to stand out!


Click on the images below to look expand them or click on the buttons below to see how these are currently being used! 

Petra Fisher

Visual CV for LinkedIn expert Petra Fisher. Not only is this used in her website but also in het LinkedIn profile! 

Your Day With May

A visual CV to show the services that May offers! Quick and to the point, May is using this visual in both her website and social media. 

Wow Now

Costumer experience consultant Rosaria Cirillo often gives presentations to her clients and wanted a one-page CV that would POP! 
She has also used this visual for her own TED-talk! 

Aafke (Curly Sketches) really took the time to understand my vision and what my business is about and brainstorming together we found an excellent way to make it all fit in one A4. I’m totally happy with her work and with her capability to work along with the client, fully listening to my needs, with a “make it happen” attitude and with great results!
— Rosaria Cirillo - Wow Now
Aafke literally draws a picture that tells a 1000 words. The visual CV she drew me captures the right ‘tone of voice’ through brilliant drawings. I am amazed how just one A4 page captures the method to my work, the services I offer, my professional background and a glimpse of my personal life. Aafke knows how to combine her research skills and her art into amazing end results.
— Petra Fisher