Everything starts with a sketch


Searching for Metztli

After a few nights, Pali took a look at the sky again. Where was the moon? Why wasn't it showing up? Without it, the flowers would not bloom and there would be no new cacti! She looked back into her cozy home, and shook her head - she would have to go out into the desert and look for the moon herself! 

"Arboles de la vida", trees of life, are a traditional Mexican craft in which stories are depicted in the form of a tree. Its constructed of many small clay pieces and main characters. 

This sculpture was made with mainly polymer clay (Sculpey) and painted by hand.  It took around 3 months to complete and was exhibited in May during the Pictoplasma Conference in Berlin in 2016. 

WIP_04 copy.jpg

This story is about Pali, a cactus spirit, in charge of overseeing the growth of new cacti from her cactus home. But after a few nights, during which the moon hasn't appeared, Pali decides to take matters into her own hands and leaves her home in search of Metztli, the moon. On her journey, she meets other spirits and friends that will help her in her adventure. 

Photograph: Adam Szuly Photography 

Photograph: Adam Szuly Photography